2018 Harley-Davidson Sport Glide

For today, we have a sweet ass 2017 2018 Harley-Davidson Sport Glide courtesy of Longley Harley-Davidson via Youtube:

Here is a quick list of the modifications the owner has down to help his Sport Glide stand out from the rest:

  • New Detachable Wind-Screen
  • New Detachable Saddle bags
  • MANTIS Rims
  • Inverted Front End Handles
  • LED Headlight
  • 5 Inch Wind-Shield added to the Wind Screen
  • Lighter & Stiffer Frame
  • New 2-into-1 Exhaust
  • 107 Cubic Inch Milwaukee-Eight Engine (Precision Cooled)
  • Mono-shock Suspension underneath the Seat

What a badass lookin’ Sport Glide! Do you dig the style? Let us know in the comments below or head over to the forums to discuss club bikes. Also, don’t forget to share this bad ass bike on Facebook