Harley-Davidson Safety Recalls Milwaukee-Eight

Harley-Davidson has issued a Safety Recall notice for certain 2017 Touring models that have an oil cooler. You can check your VIN to see if your bike needs to be fixed at Harley-Davidson Customers Page. In a nut shell some of the oil cooler lines were not clamped properly causing the hose to disconnect resulting in a devastating oil leak. Check out the entire recall notification and get your bike checked through the H-D site or at your local dealer.

Safety Recall Campaign 0170

– Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc.®, has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists on certain model year 2017 Touring model motorcycles built with an oil cooler.
– On these motorcycles, a clamp used on the oil cooling system may have been improperly installed such that an oil line may become detached.
– The population of affected vehicles was built in the U.S. July 2, 2016, through May 9, 2017.
– May 25-26: Service Bulletin posts

– U.S. dealers: Call 800-664-7762 and select the appropriate prompts
– International dealers: Contact their regional office

May 24, 2017
Dear Dealer:
Harley-Davidson® has learned that the oil line clamp, part numbers 10198, 10080, and 10344, used on the oil cooling system on certain model year 2017 Touring model motorcycles (FLHX, FLHXS, FLTRX, FLTRXS, FLHTCU, FLHR, FLHRC, FLHRXS, FLHP, FLHTP) built in the U.S. July 2, 2016 through May 9, 2017, may not have been properly installed, such that an oil line may become detached and cause a sudden loss of engine oil. If this condition remains undetected, it could lead to oil on the rear tire which may result in loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash.

We have voluntarily declared that this condition constitutes a safety defect to allow us to formally recall (Campaign 0170) all affected motorcycles. The remedy is to first confirm that the motorcycle is covered by this recall. If covered, perform the recommended inspection and, if necessary, repair per the service bulletin. A recall kit is not necessary to perform the inspection and/or the service repair. A Service Bulletin outlining the repair and credit procedures will follow within one or two days of this dealer communication; please reference the bulletin for a detailed description of the defect.

In the interest of the safety of our mutual customers and as required by federal law, you may sell but NOT DELIVER any motorcycles until the remedy is completed per the service bulletin. Please refer to H-Dnet / Service Toolbox / Warranty Campaign Center. Select “Safety Campaign Open VIN list,” then select 0170 Campaign to view the VIN list.

In accordance with federal regulations administered by NHTSA and other appropriate market specific government agencies, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc. or authorized Harley- Davidson dealers will provide notice to all owners of record of affected products with direction to arrange for the recall service.

Sincerely, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc. 0170 For: Dealer Operator, General Manager, All P&A Roles, All Service Roles, Vehicle Sales Manager Sent to: All Dealers (Worldwide)

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