Riderless Harley-Davidson Cruises Down French Highway!

This story was originally posted at Gearheads.org

Watch as this riderless Harley-Davidson casually rides down a French highway! Was this a real life ghost rider? Or has Harley-Davidson’s self-driving motorcycle project really started to gain momentum? Here’s what the French police had to say…

Apparently, this unbridled, riderless Harley-Davidson was caught on camera blazing a trail of its own down the Autoroute A4 near Paris, France and since it was captured on film, it has caused quite a stir on social media. Obviously, we’ve seen bikes riding around by themselves before, but this one is particularly special because there’s no indication of any accident surrounding it, and it goes for quite a long time on its own steam too.

But of course, there’s an obvious explanation. There was an incident. According to the French police, the bike (and its rider) were involved in a collision with a car earlier on down the road. We don’t have any details about the nature of the collision, but we know that it managed to knock the 20-something year old rider clean off the bike. The bike was unphased by the interaction, and just carried on doing its own thing – for a damn long time.

The rider, who suffered an injured arm, was given a ride by the car driver that crashed into him to help him search for the missing ghost bike. Funnily enough, they couldn’t find it all, abandoned the search and went off to hospital. We don’t know for sure, but we guess that the rider has been reunited with his runaway bike by now.

Interestingly, a stunt rider called Jean-Pierre Goy, who has done a bit of stunt riding in a few James Bond movies added a bit of his own knowledge into the investigation, saying: “The pilot may have fallen, and in view of the motorcycle, with a very low center of gravity, it was possible to continue its journey.
I’ve seen motorcycles ride like this even longer, especially with the cruise control blocked.”
He continued to explain that motorcycle can continue driving upright and unaided for up to and over 600 meters, and even further if cruise control comes into play.

So, there’s a nice it of trivia you can impress your buddies with. If you feel that way inclined.